If you and your spouse are looking for an affordable and amicable alternative to contested family law litigation, Law Offices of David C. Beavans, APC offers free 1-hour mediation consultation sessions with prospective parties to see if mediation would be a suitable alternative to resolving your dispute.

Parties to a dissolution action (divorce), paternity action, or other family law related matter may use mediation as a constructive setting to help settle some or all of their dissolution-related issues, including child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, and property division. In family law mediation, spouses hire a neutral third party (the mediator) to help them discuss and resolve their disagreements. Most family law mediators are experienced family law attorneys who are deeply familiar with the ins and outs of family law and can facilitate a productive mediation by offering their own insight gleaned from courtroom experience. Unlike a judge or an arbitrator, a mediator doesn't make decisions, but rather helps couples reach their own agreements. A family law mediator will not provide you legal advice.

To prepare for mediation it is suggested you first consider getting legal advice from an attorney: It's best to walk into mediation with a solid understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities. It is also suggested that you gather financial documentation if property or support issues are expected and to write out a detailed schedule for parenting ahead of time if children are involved.

Keep in mind, mediation is an agreement-reaching process in which the Mediator assists the Parties to reach an agreement in a collaborative, consensual, and informed manner. The Mediator has no power to decide disputed issues for the Parties and mediation is not a substitute for independent legal advice. Parties are encouraged to secure such advice throughout the mediation process and are strongly advised to obtain independent legal review of any mediated agreement before signing that agreement. The Mediator's objective is to facilitate the Parties themselves reaching their most constructive and fairest agreement.

In your free 1-hour consultation with the Law Offices of David C. Beavans, APC, you will have the opportunity to meet with the mediator, and identify and categorize the contested issues. If after this consultation both parties are prepared to proceed with mediation, the first session can be scheduled in as little as a week’s time.

Choosing mediation first over litigation is always the most prudent move. Family law matters are inherently overwhelming and mentally taxing. By keeping it in the conference room and out of the court room, Parties can settle their differences in a fair way and without the stress and expense of a contested trial.
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A family law mediator at The Law Offices of David C. Beavans can offer an affordable alternative to having two attorneys litigate a family law matter. In a free, one hour consultation, a mediator can discuss your budget and provide a customized quote for services.